Sunday, March 18, 2012

Venice of east : Musi River

The Musi River is located in southern Sumatra, Indonesia.
It is about 750 kilometers long, and drains most of South Sumatra province. After flowing through Palembang, the provincial capital, it joins with the several other rivers, including the Banyuasin River, to form a delta near the city of Sungsang. The river, dredged to a depth of about 6.5 meters, is navigable by large ships as far as Palembang, which is the site of major port facilities used primarily for the export of petroleum, rubber, and coal.
The river mouth was the site of the SilkAir Flight 185 plane crash which killed all 104 passengers and crew on board in 1997.


  1. Ya ampuuun.
    video ini direkam wkt ak masi gendut.

  2. ah dahulu ataupun sekarang masih sperti itulah ngak ada perubahan hohooh

  3. iiiihhhh jadi pengen ikut ben :'))

    1. Nah padahal waktu itu kami susah nian nak ngajak wong :D


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